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Pronouns: She/Her

A therapist who serves high functioning adults who are presently struggling due to past unresolved trauma. She is also the owner of New England Counseling and Consulting, and the main point of contact for all clients who reach out for counseling services.

She is licensed in CT and MA, but primarily serves clients in MA

LizClarkin EMDR therapist
LizClarkin EMDR therapist

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Liz is an experienced therapist with a wealth of experience and a deep passion for helping others. Since 2016, Liz has been making a meaningful impact in the mental health field, working across diverse settings such as inpatient hospitals, residential treatment centers, and community-based programs. Her dedication and expertise led her to a leadership role in community based non-profit managing state contracts with the goal of reducing mass incarceration and addressing the mental health needs of people impacted by the legal system.

In addition, Liz highly values the development of emerging social workers and has worked for UConn and University of St Joseph as a field instructor and academic advisor for their MSW programs. She was able to use these opportunities to mentor graduate students and provide them with valuable support that helped them develop their clinical skill set.

After gaining valuable experience in non-profit management and higher ed, Liz made the transition to running her private practice full-time, allowing her to create a personalized therapeutic space where she continues to guide and support individuals on their journey to healing and growth. With her warm and empathetic approach, Liz is committed to utilizing EMDR to empower her clients and help them achieve their desired outcomes.

Message Liz today to schedule a free consultation so you can discuss your needs and learn more about how she can help you move forward in your mental health journey.

Liz is currently accepting new EMDR clients who are located in MA and have Aetna for insurance. She has openings on Tuesdays and Thursdays between the hours of 9am-2pm.

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What was your path to becoming a therapist?

I’ve known I wanted to counsel others ever since I was a young adult; I was naturally gifted at connecting with others and creating a safe space for them. I completed my master’s degree in 2016 and have been working with clients ever since. I completed training in EMDR, which is a type of therapy that can quickly resolve the distress associated with overwhelming or traumatic events. Some individuals appreciate this form of therapy because it requires very little talking and can provide rapid results.

I also have experience with IFS, which is another form of therapy that appeals to clients who are insight-oriented and want to explore various parts of themselves that may feel at odds with each other. Many clients report feeling "torn" between two opposing parts of themselves that want different things. IFS can help bring clarity and a sense of inner peace once they understand the motivation and intentions of their various parts.

What should someone know about working with you?

As a therapist, I act as an emotional support and guide on the client’s journey so they gain the skills, insight, and confidence they need. Eventually, the client will progress enough that they are able to confidently handle the ups and downs of life on their own and they can reduce the frequency of their appointments and/or graduate (discharge). My clients who report the most success are active participants in their sessions and willing to push past the inner discomfort and make the necessary positive changes.

I often tell my clients that they are in the driver's seat and I act as the GPS. I can provide feedback and information, but they ultimately determine the speed and route they want to take. I believe the most significant benefits to counseling are found within the first 3-6 months, which is why highly motivated individuals work well with my therapeutic style

How do your core values shape your approach to care?

I firmly believe that everyone has the capacity to grow and heal from whatever they have experienced in life. People are inherently good, and even the parts of themselves that are viewed as "bad" often have positive intentions but are misunderstood or overreacting due to previous negative experiences.

Oftentimes, the majority of suffering is caused by maladaptive coping skills that helped us at one point in life but are now causing distress rather than alleviating it. I believe people are heavily impacted by their environments and that structural racism or oppression in any form, as well as dysfunctional relationships with family or friends, can be the root causes of a person's inner struggles.

What are you most excited about within the evolving mental health landscape?

I'm thrilled to provide telehealth to my clients, as it reduces barriers to treatment for people in all stages of life. Many clients of mine have expressed that childcare, transportation, or their work schedule were prohibiting them from reaching out until telehealth became an option.

What else should I know about you?

In my free time I enjoy reading non-fiction (memoirs, autobiographies, and true crime are my favorite) and getting out of my comfort zone- whether that's learning something new or immersing myself in a new experience.

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